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How to: What is my EMPLID?

Updated  by john.underwood
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When you applied to be a student or hired as an employee for any of the colleges and universities in the North Dakota University System, you are assigned a unquie ID number called an EMPLID.


You should have received two email messages from the NDUS Help Desk (

  • One of the messages asked you to "Claim your account," this message includes your EMPLID.
  • The other message has the Subject  "ND University System Account Information," which provides information on how to obtain your EMPLID.

Search your Inbox, Deleted Items, or SPAM/Junk Mail folders for all messages from


If you are not able to find the message with your EMPLID:

  • International students or students who did not provide a Social Security Number during the application process

Please contact the NDUS Help Desk


  • US students who provided a Social Security Number duing the application process

Go to Campus Solutions

Select "Guest Page"

Select the "Help Center" tile

Select "Find my EMPLID" from the left menu

If this does not work, please contact the NDUS Help Desk


Do not know what my EMPLID is?