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MaSU: How to Update Zoom

Updated  by Christine.Gonnella
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1. Click the Windows / Start button or use the Search function to find the Zoom app.

Windows Start Search button

2. Click Zoom to open the app.

Zoom app button

3. Click SSO to use your Mayville State Zoom account.

Screenshot of SSO button

4. Make sure the domain says mayvillestate and click Continue.


5. Sign in to your NDUS account.

NDUS login page

6. The Zoom desktop app will open to the Home screen.

Home screen with new meeting, Join, Schedule and Share Screen buttons

7. Click on the profile image, then click Check for Updates.

Click the profile image, then Check for updates

7a. If Zoom is up to date, you will receive the message below. Click Close to continue.


7b. If an update is available, you will receive the Update Available! message shown below. Click Update.​


8. A progress bar for the update will display.


9. The update will be uploaded to the Zoom app. You may continue to use it as needed.


For help with Zoom, contact the MSU Service Desk​.
Phone: 1-800-437-4104, Ext. 34739