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MaSU: How to use Ally Accessibility Reports to track progress

Updated  by Christine.Gonnella
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Congratulations on joining the efforts to increase Accessibility in Comet courses and organizations! On May 20th, we are going to spend the day fixing two major accessibility issues - contrast issues in documents and images without descriptions. See the linked help documents for each fix:

  1. Contrast issues in documents
    1. For today, we are not focusing on contrast issues within the Bb content editor.
  2. Adding image descriptions 
    1. To learn how to add descriptions to images within a document, scroll down to this section: Add descriptions to an image file.
    2. To learn how to add descriptions to images in the Bb content editor, scroll down to this section: Add descriptions to images in other files.

But first...

Start by running an Accessibility Report to obtain your current Ally score in each course you intend to fix. These instructions show you how to do that.

Run the Report

Step 1: In the Course menu, choose Course Tools, then Accessibility Report. 

course tools

Step 2. Review the Accessibility Report. Click Start in the Content with the easiest issues to fix section.


Step 3: You will go to a page with a list of items.  Click on an indicator.


Step 4: Ally will open and  tell you what is going on with the item. Click All issues.


Step 5: All issues with that item will be listed. Click each one to fix it. 

easiest to fix

Track Progress

To keep track of your own progress, open an Excel spreadsheet and name it Fix Your Content Day Tracking. Name a spreadsheet for each course you will fix.